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What Is My Name?

OBENG JOSEPH YEBOAH | May 28, 2020 | Tags, Tags |

By: Joe Obeng Yeboah


 I am very tiny, almost unnoticeable. Unaided by a modern electronic microscope, i cannot be seen.


I am no respecter of any person. The politician is no match for me, whereas the diplomat becomes a weakling before me once he or she falls into my grips.


Kings, Queens, Ministers, Management and non-Management Staff, Prophets and footballers all shiver in fear on hearing of my name.


Neither a pump action gun, grenade, bow and arrow, sword or any two edged knife can defeat me.


When brave men find themselves within my court, they are rendered timorous women.

When women fall into my trap, they are reduced to the level of powerless children.


As for children, old men, women and the sick, they do not last in my trap at all.

It is an established truism that i can kill indiscriminately and mercilessly.


With such an intimidating curriculum vitae and a seemingly invincible nature, who can stand me?


Presently, i am basking in all glory and all victory because the world has not found an antidote to completely annihilate me.


If you doubt my potency, ask the thousands of people around the globe who have lost their jobs because of me.


Establishments have resorted to carefully designed shift systems of working because of me. Churches cannot congregate as they did prior to my coming and thousands of people have excruciatingly lost their lives because of me.


Since scientists, do not know it all about my “modus operandi”, i will continue to live with humanity, not as a sweet friend, but a bitter foe.


Anyone who gives you any concoction, holy water, talisman, bangle, amulet or any charm and professes that it is a defender against my infection must be deceiving you to the highest point.






I am in charge, i am the big boss, i have the platform, i have the microphone. However, since everything gravitates to an end, my end will come one day, this i know with all certainty.


To curb my fatal schedule, please adhere strictly to this extraordinary but life-saving tips and you will live and enjoy normal life to the fullest.


Let me emphasise that if you treat the advice below with flippancy, you may find yourself in the graveyard.


  • Avoid direct hand contact with eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Avoid coughing and sneezing without properly covering your nose and mouth
  • Avoid shaking hands and hugging
  • Avoid under cooking meats, vegetables, eggs and raw meat, etc.
  • Wear approved gloves when touching objects in public areas.
  • Exercise frequently to maintain a strong immune system
  • Wear approved face mask in public areas
  • Frequently wash your hands with soap under running water
  • Avoid contact with infected people and their tools.


Some of the signs that one exhibits when i infect you are coughing, vomiting, diarrhea, pneumonia, fever etc.


However, some people would not show any of these symptoms, albeit i infect them and they are called the asymptomatic.


He who says “twea” and does not obey the above rules will meet his or her death due to my punch.


My name is MR. CORONAVIRUS, also known as COVID 19.