Warehouse and Port Operations.

Cocoa Marketing Company (Ghana) Ltd.

The Warehousing and Port Operations

The warehousing and Port Operations of Cocoa Marketing Company (CMC) include;

  1. Receiving cocoa from LBCs
  2. Warehousing of Cocoa
  3. Evacuation of Cocoa

Recieving Cocoa from LBCS

The WPO Department is solely responsible for taking over cocoa from Licensed Buying Companies (LBCs). In carrying out its duties, the department ensures that consignments to be offloaded have the right requirements of good grade, category, weight and station marks. These checks are necessary to ensure that Ghana's cocoa premium status is not compromised.

Warehousing of Cocoa

Cocoa taken over from LBCs are carefully stacked in sheds in such away that the first-in-first-out system is upheld. Stack histories of every stack in a shed are prepared to facilitate periodic fumigating activities.

Evacuation of Cocoa

The department plays an important role during evacuation since it determines where stock can be located and liaise with Labour Companies to load cocoa from the shed to evacuating destinations.

Key Players

The department carries out duties with the help of the following organizations;

  1. Quality Control Company (They ensure quality)
  2. Licensed Buying Companies (They bring purchased cocoa from the hinterland to the Take-over Centres)
  3. Labour Companies (They provide labour for Loading & offloading activities)
  4. Local Cocoa Processing Factories (They Purchase cocoa for domestic processing)
  5. Haulage Companies (They transport Cocoa to and from the Take-over Centres)
  6. Ghana Ports Authority (They facilitate shipment of cocoa abroad)
  7. Shipping Lines (They facilitate shipment of cocoa abroad)
  8. Scale Mechanics (They carry out repair works on scales)
  9. Standard board (they standardise weighing bridge and scales)