Core Operations


The marketing department is responsible for marketing, sales and promotion of Ghana's cocoa in the international market and to local processing companies in Ghana. It ensures the execution of sales contracts and deals with after sales issues, including claims and arbitration. The marketing department is located in Accra and works directly with Company's subsidiary organization in London.


It is responsible for planning and arranging for shipment of cocoa to all destinations. It also involved in the preparation and presentation of shipping documentations, through buyers' banks for payment. The Shipping Department liaise closely with shipping companies, insurance companies and destination inspection companies in order to ensure timely shipping of cocoa. The shipping department operates from Accra, Tema and Takoradi.


The Warehouse and Port Operations (WPO) Department takes over cocoa purchased by the Licensed Buying Companies (LBC) from farmers, warehouses the stock, organizes pre-shipment handling of cocoa and undertakes loading of vessels for shipment. The department plays a central role in cocoa handling in the entire supply chain of cocoa in Ghana, by ensuring in-bound receipt of cocoa, managing and preparing the stock for export. It has branches in Tema, Takoradi, Kumasi and Accra.