Social responsibility


COCOA Marketing Company (Ghana) Ltd.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Corporate Responsibility is the process of continuous improvement in standard of business practice and actions relating to our community engagements, environmental safeguards and dealing with people. We conduct business with high levels of integrity and responsibility, which has differentiated the CMC from similar cocoa marketing institution in other cocoa producing countries. Our business conduct is governed by credible principles and we honour our business obligations with absolute integrity.

We recognize that, our success and satisfaction depends on the growth and development of the community in which we live. As part of our commitment to the community, the CMC supports the economic development of the community by contributing to bring measurable improvements in the lives of people. We will continue to contribute financial resources towards the eradication of malaria, the provision of portable water and the general improvements in the standards of living of people. 

Cocoa Marketing Company is a place where all employees feel valued and ready to contribute to the vision of the Company, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity. We uphold the human rights of staff; eliminate any form of employment discrimination and all forms of illegal workplace practice. We treat staff with dignity and respect and pay competitive wages and appropriate benefits. We also respect the freedom of association of all employees. Our labour conducts comply with the relevant international conventions and labour laws of Ghana.

Developing ways to conserve and protect the environment is central to the operation strategy of the CMC. Our management policies also aim to ensure the compliance of the environmental protection legislations of Ghana and thrive to reduce pollution at all levels. We collaborate with other stakeholders within the supply chain to deliver to our customers, good quality cocoa, that is produced and handled in an environmentally friendly manner.