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- Story : Joe Obeng Yeboah -
Ladies from the Cocoa Marketing Company (Gh) Ltd, have joined millions of women around the world to celebrate the International Woman's Day with a call on women to do away with backbiting, selfishness, petty squabble, needless envy and self destruction.
The theme for the celebration this year is "Balance For Better",
Opening a  lecture organised by the Ladies Club Association of CMC at the Cocoa House in Accra,the Human Resource Manager,  Dorine Fanny Amartey noted  that women play a very vital role in the development of every nation, adding that it is therefore not out of place at all for women to be celebrated in all aspects of human endeavour.
Speaking at the lecture, the ace female broadcaster, Oheneyere Gifty Anti opined that without doubt, women have lots of issues militating against them in the male dominated world, but that should not debar them from making  indelible marks in order to be counted among the world's best in all things, whether they are alive or dead.
She revealed that the world is composed of both the spiritual and the physical, so for women to remain relevant in  global events,they must firstly open up for God to superintend them
in all their engagements.
"Balance your spiritual life, seek God's guidance and direction first in all things.Wherever you are, you have to pray".
According to Oheneyere, as much as possible, women should not allow their  families to suffer at the expense of their work and the vice versa.
"You are not a super woman, know who you are, what you can do , what you can sacrifice, what you are willing to do and what you can hold unto. Create a balance in all things to suit your taste and you will soar up in your chosen careers".
The ace broadcaster admonished women to work hard, strive to get better everyday, work with pride,  never lose focus, using  what they have to get what they do not have, no matter the pace.
"Slow motion is better than no motion, you will surely get there"
She urged women to prop, strategise and celebrate their female counterparts who have gone ahead of them in life, because success comes at different times in one's existence.
"Married or not, having a child of your own or not, do not allow your sex to be a barrier on your way to success.If others have done it, why can't you do it? She quizzed.
Quite apart from these, she revealed that every woman has a light gifted to her by God and they must jealously guard against the light being taken away  by usurpers.