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Women Must Inspire Each Other For Career Progress – Effia Tenge

ASANTE EUGENE OWUSU | Mar 26, 2024 | Tags, Tags |

Women Must Inspire Each Other For Career Progress – Effia Tenge

The Director of Public Engagement at the Parliament of Ghana, Madam Effia Tenge has called on women to support each other through advocacy, mentorship and good leadership to promote a brighter and more inclusive future for women.

Madam Tenge made the call at a summit organized by the ladies’ clubs of Ghana Cocoa Board (COCOBOD) to commemorate the 2024 International Women’s Day. She expressed her desire to see a world where women inspire each other, explaining that the uplifting of one woman can serve as motivation for many other women worldwide.

“Women, we must begin to support each other. Let’s ask ourselves how we are going to support actions and measures that promote women. Forgetting others when we get to our destination is not femininity or womanhood. So, on a day like this, I believe we need to orient our minds that when we get opportunities to be up there, we will support those who are coming”, she stressed.

The Director of Public Engagement explained further that when women collaborate and mentor each other, it helps in the discovery of one’s purpose and urged the participants from the various divisions of COCOBOD to motivate and commend each other for their contributions towards the growth of the industry.

“The people who need to inspire us are always around us but sometimes we look for people elsewhere, people we may not even know, thinking that they are the ones to push us to where we need to be. The encouragement and commendations we receive from the people around us is what sometimes push us to identify our unique purpose as women”, she advised.

Held under the sub-theme, “Share to inspire”, some female leaders in the organisation were invited to discuss their journeys of perseverance and achievements in the industry.  They included Dr. Ellen Crabbe, Family Physician Specialist - Cocoa Clinic; Mrs. Yvonne Esuon, Deputy Director, Finance - Cocoa Marketing Company (CMC); Mrs. Joyce Poku-Dwumoh, Head of Warehousing and Port Operations - CMC and Mrs. Evelyn Sampare-Kwarteng, Accounts Manager– COCOBOD.

They shared the challenges they have faced in their career journey and how they overcame them. Through their stories, they inspired the ladies to aspire for greatness and not allow obstacles along the way to prevent them from achieving their dreams. They also highlighted the importance of qualities such as hard work, resilience, perseverance, confidence, and efficiency in achieving success. They underscored the need for the ladies to maintain a balanced life, prioritizing personal well-being alongside professional pursuits.