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COCOBOD Seizes 28th Ghana International Trade Fair To Promote Cocoa

ASANTE EUGENE OWUSU | Mar 26, 2024 | Tags, Tags |

COCOBOD Seizes 28th Ghana International Trade Fair To Promote Cocoa

Ghana Cocoa Board (COCOBOD) has extended its campaign on the health benefits of cocoa consumption to the citizenry at the 28th Ghana International Trade Fair.

The fair, which officially opened on the 1st of March 2024 is scheduled to be accessible to the general public for seven consecutive days at the West Hills Mall, Weija in Accra.

The event is under the auspices of the Ghana Trade Fair Company, themed; E-Commerce: Key to SME Growth for Economic Development and is expected to attract over 400 exhibitors from Ghana and several African countries.

Participating in this year’s trade fair is a deliberate move by the Management of COCOBOD to sustain the cocoa consumption campaign that is vigorously observed in February every year as part of the Chocolate Week to promote the businesses of small-scale chocolate manufacturers, alongside educating Ghanaians on the health benefits of cocoa consumption.

Subsequently, the Management of COCOBOD intends to take advantage of the trading platform to intensify this agenda as one of its operational strategies to sustain the lucrative cocoa sector.

To consolidate the gains made within the cocoa consumption drive through the attainment of the 1kg per capita consumption of cocoa in 2023/2024 by the Board, the general public is assured that patrons of this year’s fair would be treated to a taste of Ghana through the free chocolate drinks served at the COCOBOD pavilion.

COCOBOD is therefore heavily represented by its subsidiaries mainly the Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana, Seed Production Division, Cocoa Health Extension Division, Quality Control Company and the Cocoa Marketing Company.

A few days into the opening of the fair, the number of curious patrons trooping to the COCOBOD stands to make enquiries on issues pertaining to different segments of the cocoa value chain keeps rising as customers walked through the exhibits displayed by the respective subsidiaries of COCOBOD.

Patrons visiting the COCOBOD pavilion in the course of the seven days would be schooled on the importance of cocoa production in an environmentally friendly manner, cocoa as a source of income and mainly as a consumable natural resource that inhabits numerous health benefits for the heart, bowels, respiratory system, brains and skin health.

The general public is entreated to patronize the COCOBOD stand and make purchases from the vast array of cocoa products ranging from soaps, biscuits, pomades, chocolates, cocoa brandy and cocoa gins to promote made-in-Ghana cocoa products in commemoration of Ghana Month.