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CMC Migrates Paper-Based Tasks Onto Digital Platform

ASANTE EUGENE OWUSU | Aug 8, 2023 | Tags, Tags |

CMC Migrates Paper-Based Tasks Onto Digital Platform

By Joe Obeng Yeboah

As part of a determined effort to enhance operational efficiency at the Cocoa Marketing Company (CMC), a substantial portion of its paper-based tasks have been successfully migrated onto a custom-designed online portal (digital platform) accessible to its staff through the company’s website.

This strategic shift will not only facilitate smoother processing of its operations but is also expected to lead to a noteworthy reduction in annual expenses incurred on paper for its routine activities.

The portal is designed to serve as an internal communication platform, where vital information such as leave requests, memos, circulars, and collective agreements are shared with staff. Additionally, the website incorporates an appraisal hub, with the necessary levels of access for staff, supervisors, and heads of departments. This transformation extends beyond the organization's boundaries, as the CMC website also serves as a significant source of information about the company for the external world.

Besides the obvious cost-effective advantages, the shift to a digital platform reduces the need for printing and physical document storage and contributes to a more sustainable working environment. Moreover, it encourages the seamless sharing of information, facilitates collaboration among employees, and fosters transparency, all of which promotes productivity.

To ensure a company-wide adoption of the new system, the management of CMC commissioned a six-member Paperless Committee, headed by Mr. Albert Adubofour, a seasoned professional from its Risk Department, to sensitize and train staff to adopt the new system. Other members of the committee included Mr. Isaac Stough (Information System Unit), Mrs. Hannah Baaba Salifu (Marketing Department), Mr. Abraham Amankwah (WPO Department), Mr. Joseph Obeng Yeboah (Human Resource Department), and Mr. Eugene Owusu Asante (Information System Unit).

Their effort was complemented by some staff from the Human Resource Department, including Madam Dorine Fanny Amartey, Human Resource Manager and Mr Atta Yaw Ahenasa Adams, a Principal Human Resource Officer.

The committee has since completed a training programme for staff at the CMC Head Office in Accra and staff at its Take-Over Centres at Tema, Takoradi and Kumasi.

Subsequent to the training, CMC has conducted its first-ever all-station digital staff appraisal. This landmark achievement marks a significant milestone in the organization's history, especially after piloting the digital appraisal system during the previous appraisal session at the Head Office in Accra.

By shifting many paper-dependent activities to a customized online platform, CMC is set on streamlining its processes and embracing a more technologically advanced future. The company's management and employees alike are optimistic about the positive impact this transformation will have on overall productivity.