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CMC Board Chairman Advices  Management

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"Be Vocal,Inquisitive And Innovative"

 CMC Board Chairman Advices  Management 

     Story: Joe Obeng Yeboah


A two day confab,organised by the Management of the Cocoa Marketing Company (Gh) Ltd. has ended at the Bunso Cocoa College in the Eastern Region, with a call on participants to be vocal, inquisitive and innovative, as  exchange of ideas would be the strategy through which CMC's plans for a better future will be generated.


Participants who were drawn from the Take-over Centres of Tema, Takoradi, Kumasi and the Head Office, were Head of Departments, Regional Managers and Unit Heads.


Delivering the keynote address, Dr. Joseph Kobina Essibu, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Cocoa Marketing Company emphasised that, it is the collective contribution, unwavering effort and dedication to duty of the CMC  staff which has formed the bedrock upon which the success story of the Company is trumpeted.


He noted that the world around CMC is moving at a fast pace with its concomitant changes, and as a learning establishment, all efforts must be put in place to not merely keep pace, but lead the charge.


" The world around us is moving at a breathtaking pace and it is incumbent upon us not merely to keep pace, but to lead the charge.''


Dr. Essibu admonished the participants that their roles as the guardians of the future of CMC injuncts them to embrace positive changes with open arms, noting that it is change that fosters innovation and cultivates resilience.


He further said, the trend ahead demands strategic agility and  harmonious convergence of CMC's culture, with its evolving vision and the resolute commitment to driving excellence across every facet of  the Company's operations.


Dr. Essibu opined that in today's interconnected world, success is not a solitary endeavour, but a collective effort, advising participants to pool and utilise their individual professional talents to streamline administrative structures in order to bring efficiency and efficacy, leading to the attainment of CMC's organisational goals.


He was quick to reveal that  albeit the challenges faced by CMC are formidable, the capacity of the participants to rise to the task is not in doubt.


"The challenges we face are formidable, but so too are our collective capabilities.With our expertise, dedication and passion, we can surmount the challenges."


The Board Chairman implored participants to use the workshop as a platform to chart the course that will further put CMC on the journey that will undoubtedly yield immeasurable success for the staff, their dependants and the entire industry.


"Together, we have the power to shape the future of CMC, to create an unending legacy of success, to contribute meaningfully to the industry and to the larger community we care for."